Monmouth Historic Inn

Did You Know?

Beautiful Ansonia Clock

June 25, 2014 News

Ansonia Clock The beautiful clock in the Quitman Study is an Ansonia Clock made in Ansonia, near Cleveland, Ohio.  This one features, possibly, what one might call a "deep thinker."  Ansonia was named for Anson C. Phelps who caused the … Read More »

"Fat" and "as round as a dumpling"!

June 18, 2014 News

A few interesting remarks on the letter excerpt I posted last week. While Eliza says her girls "have grown fat" and Freddy is "as round as a dumpling," growing up, I remember my grandparents considered it a compliment to call a child "fat" or "plump… Read More »

1848 Scarlet Fever Letter excerpt - Part II

June 11, 2014 News

This is the final part of Eliza Quitman’s February 19, 1848 letter to her son, Henry.  Discussion about various people and things contained in this letter will be posted to our blog next week.  Until next time . . . . (Cont&r… Read More »

1848 Scarlet Fever Outbreak - Follow-up

June 3, 2014 News

In her letter to her son, Henry, Eliza has learned of the Scarlet Fever epidemic in Natchez in 1848, and writes that the disease is spread “by the touch and clothing not by the air.” While it is true the disease is spread by touch, scient… Read More »

1848 Scarlet Fever Outbreak

May 28, 2014 News

Today is the first half of a letter written by Eliza Quitman to her son, Henry Quitman.  Of note is the mention of the Scarlet Fever outbreak in Natchez in 1848. I find most interesting the "medicinal" ways Eliza recommends fighting this disease… Read More »

"Cavalier Arabe"

May 21, 2014 News

“Cavalier Arabe” - 19th Century French Bronze Statue by Emile Guillemin In the Quitman Lounge – above the bar – you will find an exquisite bronze statute.  I was fascinated by this statue from the moment I saw it.&nbs… Read More »

Tourism & Beauty

May 14, 2014 News

TOURISM AND BEAUTY! Monmouth’s owner, Nancy Reuther, was one of several people honored on May 6, 2014 by the City of Natchez’ Tourism Council with a Tourism Award.  Nancy was honored for her time, energy, effort and financial inv… Read More »

14-Year-Old's Have Certainly Changed!

May 7, 2014 News

To delve into some of the details contained within this letter, I must start out by stating that this letter was written by Frederick “Henry” Quitman, John Quitman’s only son that lived to adulthood. At the time of the writing of t… Read More »

February 1845 Letter

April 30, 2014 News

Below is the transcript of a letter from the Quitman Family Letter Collection.  Next week I’ll blog with particulars on some of the items in this 169 year old letter –who, what, and where type of information.  How vastly differe… Read More »


April 23, 2014 News

WALLPAPER IN MONMOUTH’S ENTRANCE HALL- The panoramic wallpaper (designed in 1834) in the front entrance hall at Monmouth was created by French artist Jean Zuber, a very famous French artist.  The wallpaper is entitled Vue de l'Am&eacut… Read More »