Monmouth Historic Inn

Birding has become a most popular activity.  With Ecotourism becoming more and more enticing, many of our guests have made themselves known to our staff as avid “birders”.  A wide variety of unusual birds have been spotted at Monmouth.  In the Fall, many are migrating south and stop at Monmouth for a reprieve.  April is prime time for the spring migration of birds returning to the U.S. after wintering in central and South America.  After flying non-stop across the Gulf of Mexico, they land to rehydrate and replenish energy stores.  Monmouth is a very suitable habitat for the stop-over.  Especially attractive are the Hackberry, pecan, tulip poplar and cypress trees.  With 26 acres of woods, blooming flowers and bushes, as well as 2 ponds, the surroundings are ideal for attracting birds year-round.

Bird lovers of all ages have made a trip with their binoculars to the Monmouth’s gardens.

Binoculars are available on loan upon request at the Front Desk.