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Courtyard Building

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The first floor of this building is the original detached brick kitchen. In 1853, while renovating other areas of the property, John Quitman had the second story added.  In 1978, the building was very close to collapse, so workers took hoses and soaked the building for three weeks until the bricks absorbed enough moisture to work with them. They then placed a wide band with turnbuckles around the entire building, and turned the turnbuckles every two hours. Eventually, this brought the building back in place, where upon 5 steel rods were then inserted through the building. The building now accommodates three guest rooms upstairs, one downstairs and the gift shop and offices.



Andrew Jackson Room 27

Bed in Andrew Jackson Room View from bed of Andrew Jackson RoomAndrew Jackson room

Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States, and was a politician and army general who defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815.  His enthusiastic followers created the modern Democratic Party.  The 1830–1850 period later became known as the era of Jacksonian democracy. Calhoun, Clay, Jackson, and Quitman were acquainted with one another throughout their political careers.

DELUXE ROOM - Queen bed with a half canopy, twin day bed, spa tub and separate shower in a private bath, second floor balcony



Claiborne Room 28

Claiborne RoomClaiborne Room

John Francis Hamtramck Claiborne was a Member of the U. S. House of Representatives from Mississippi, and wrote a biography on Quitman.  He was born in Natchez, Mississippi and attended school in Virginia, where he studied law.  He was admitted to the bar in 1825, and commenced practice at Natchez, Mississippi.  He was a member of the State House of Representatives from 1830 to 1834, was elected to the Twenty-Fourth Congress from March 4, 1835 to March 3, 1837.  Claiborne served in Congress from July 18, 1837 until February 5, 1838. He then engaged in newspaper work in Natchez, Mississippi, and later moved to New Orleans, Louisiana in 1844 and resumed newspaper interests.  He owned the estate, "Dumbarton," near Natchez, Mississippi, and died there on May 17, 1884.  He is buried in Trinity Churchyard, Natchez, Mississippi.  We have a letter from Quitman to Claiborne, dated Jan. 27, 1840.

DELUXE ROOM - Queen bed with a half canopy, private bath with a tub and shower combination, second floor balcony


Sam Houston Room 29

Sam Houston Room Sam Houston Room side view

Sam Houston, a nineteenth-century American statesman, politician and soldier, is best known for his leadership in bringing Texas into the United States.  In 1836, Quitman participated in the Texas Revolution as commander of a small company of volunteer Mississippians, joining Sam Houston after the Battle of San Jacinto, convincing Houston not to try Santa Ana, because he was president of a sovereign nation.

DELUXE ROOM - Queen bed with a half canopy, private bath with a tub and shower combination, second floor balcony 


Abigail Griffith Room 30

Abigail Griffith Room Abigail Griffith Room view from bed Abigail Griffith room sitting area

Quitman was in law practice with William Griffith, and both men married into the Turner family. Griffith married Turner’s daughter, and Quitman married Turner’s niece. Before moving to Natchez, Quitman was on his way to Ohio when he met a woman, a Mrs. Griffith, whom urged Quitman to move to Natchez.

DELUXE ROOM - Queen bed with full canopy, fireplace, ground floor, private bath with a tub and shower combination, facing courtyard


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