Monmouth Historic Inn

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May 16, 1853 Letter from Eliza Quitman to her son, Henry

April 2, 2015 News

The letter below is interesting in many ways - one of which is how travel on the river was done and feared in the 1800's.  How far we have come from the Steamboats!  Also, as we enter this Easter Tridiuum, we see that faith and its frui… Read More »

Interview With Reservation Specialist Lacey Emfinger

March 25, 2015 News

Interview With Monmouth Historic Inn Reservation Specialist, Lacey Emfinger Q:     How long have you been with Monmouth? A:      5 years this April.           Q: … Read More »

The Nabobs of Natchez

March 19, 2015 News

Searching for interesting information on Natchez, Monmouth, and General Quitman, I ran across the  book Antebellum Natchez, by D. Clayton James.  Below is a snippet from this interesting book.  If you'd like to learn more abou… Read More »

John Anthony Quitman's Career

March 12, 2015 News

How interesting it is to glimpse into General Quitman's career by taking an excerpt from the booklet "Monmouth:  Its Majesty and Legacy." He was indeed someone this property is proud of.  Until next time - happy travels! John Qui… Read More »

Jan. 7, 1853 letter Henry to Gen. Quitman Part II

March 5, 2015 News

Today I'm posting the second part from Henry Quitman's 1/7/1853 letter to his father, General Quitman.  In this letter he speaks of a secret - Henry's found the woman he wants to marry!  Until next time, happy travels - whi… Read More »

March Events

February 26, 2015 News

Now that Ole Man Winter is almost over – I know some people are still in the throes of it - and we dig ourselves out from under all that snow (although we were spared the lovely white frosting here) it’s time to talk about Spring!  S… Read More »

Delightful Dishes in Quitman's Household

February 19, 2015 News

Next week we'll continue with Henry's letter, but this week I found some interesting information I'd like to share from "Monmouth: It's Majesty and Legacy": Eliza opposed General Quitman’s volunteering for the Mexican War, an… Read More »

Jan 7, 1853 letter from Henry to General Quitman

February 11, 2015 News

The letter posted in the blog today is the first part of a letter from Henry Quitman to his father, General Quitman.  Henry is missing something from his voyage - it was misplaced on the trip by the crew.  So it seems that much has not chan… Read More »

More About the Quitmans' Antebellum Life

February 4, 2015 News

Today's blog is more information on Monmouth and a glimpse into Antebellum Life in the 1800s.  How amusing it sounds now - but more surely did not at the time - for General Quitman to have left to fight in the Mexican-American War and tell h… Read More »

Feb 17, 1853 to Henry Quitman

January 27, 2015 News

The letter in today’s blog is from Eliza to her son, Henry. In it she mentions her daughter, Freddie, as recently having Influenza – which is going around the country at this time as well.  Until next time, happy travels, and hoping … Read More »