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Part II of Henry Quitman's 6-26-1853 letter to his father

June 26 2015 | News

This is a continuation of last week's posting - Part II of Henry Quitman's letter to his father, John A. Quitman - a letter written on this date 162 years ago!  Reading the text of this letter brings to mind so many things I know about General Quitman (I encourage you to read our history page and go online to read even more) - he was an incredible man.  The recent showing of the mini-series Texas Rising gave me new-found respect for General Quitman and what he did for this country, for those were difficult times.  While the mini-series Texas Rising starts with the Battle of the Alamo and events that occurred immediately thereafter, approximately 10 years later, during the Mexican-American War, General Quitman emerges as a hero for our country.  I'd love to see a movie or mini-series about that.  Until next time, happy travels, & we hope those travels take you to us!


I found Dumbatan a very interesting place.  I visited & explored its famous old castle, where I saw many relics connected with the military career of Wallace.  Among other things the great two handed double edged sword which he used in the defense of his country against the English invaders.  I flourished it several times to try the weight of it.  I made an excursion of Loch Lomond & Loch Kathimes the scene of the Lady of the Lake also I saw the house where Rob Ray was born & the scene of the Combat between Roderick Dru & Fitzlomas.  I was more interested in my visit to Sterling Castle than any place I have yet seen.  I saw there many things connected with the early history of Scotland.  This castle is yet one of the largest & strangest garrisons in Scotland.  I roamed over the battlefield of Bonnachburn where Bruce defeated Edward III in 1297.  The spot where the Scottish Standard was planted after the victory is yet pointed out being carefully preserved by a storm watch over it.

I arrived in Edinburg late last evening & have not yet had time to see any of the sights of the place.  It is a place teaming with interest & will take some days before I can make an exploration of them all.  Love to all.

                                      Your very affectionate son

F. Henry Quitman