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Tours, Attractions, and Discounts in Natchez

January 25, 2017 News

We are having an early Spring here in Natchez! While the rest of the country is experiencing record-setting temperatures below freezing, snow blizzards, ice, and lots of time indoors we are talking about the scarcity of short-sleeved shirts at our lo… Read More »

Part II - 1823 Natchez: Yellow Fever, Parties & More

August 26, 2015 News

Here is the 2nd part of Mr. Nelson's October of 2010 column run in the Corcordia Sentinel. How sad it is to hear that after departing town for a time - then returning - when someone failed to see familiar faces on the street they would inquire ab… Read More »

1823 Natchez: Yellow Fever, Parties & More

August 21, 2015 News

Most interesting to read in today's posting is the idylic lifestyle Quitman describes in August of 1823 - from late summer to late fall. While I would not trade today's medicine for that of the time - the lifestyle sounds most inviting and I … Read More »

Natchez - a Town With Two Faces - Part II

August 14, 2015 News

This second part of Mr. Nelson’s insightful October of 2010 article really begins to compare and contrast the city, and why Quitman felt it was “a town with two faces.” You need to read the article to fully understand where Quitman&… Read More »

Natchez: A Town With Two Faces

August 5, 2015 News

We continue reading Mr. Nelson’s articles, and this week’s posting is the first part of an article – stating Natchez is “a town with two faces.” Interesting to read about the beginnings of Quitman's career and how he… Read More »

Pt II - John Quitman Article by Stanley Nelson - 9/29/10

July 30, 2015 News

This post is the 2nd part of an article written by Stanley Nelson and published by the Concordia Sentinel in 2010 – last week I posted the first part. General Quitman truly sounds like a “Renaissance” man in that he loved traveling,… Read More »

Pt I - John Quitman Article by Stanley Nelson - 9/29/10

July 24, 2015 News

We’re featuring a series of articles written by Stanley Nelson and published by the Concordia Sentinel in 2010. Today I’m posting the first part of Mr. Nelson’s article published on September 29, 2010. In this article, Mr. Nelson be… Read More »

Quitman-Turner Prenup & Nabobs

July 16, 2015 News

I was really impressed when I read that Eliza Quitman had a prenup before she married John Quitman.  This was quite the gutsy move back in those days, in my humble opinion.  Below is an excerpt regarding that prenup as well as other info on… Read More »

Civil War & Monmouth - Continued

July 10, 2015 News

Wondering what life at Monmouth was towards the end of the Civil War and after?  Here's an excerpt from "Monmouth:  Its Majesty & Legacy."  A love of history is what draws many to Monmouth, along with the many other things we have … Read More »

Part II of Henry Quitman's 6-26-1853 letter to his father

June 26, 2015 News

This is a continuation of last week's posting - Part II of Henry Quitman's letter to his father, John A. Quitman - a letter written on this date 162 years ago!  Reading the text of this letter brings to mind so many things I know about G… Read More »

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