Monmouth Historic Inn


August 26 2014 | News

Today is about the present and a celebration of the many things happening in and around Monmouth - a gift for which we'd like to show thanks!


A lovely blog article was written by Sydney Burdick mentioning us in her travels through the Deep South.  We’re so glad Sydney enjoyed some time with us!  You can go to the following link to read the article in its entirety:


Another wonderful time is coming up - Fall Pilgrimage!  That is always a lovely time of year in Natchez and goes on from September 26 through October 13.  During this time 19 of the local antebellum homes (most of which are private residences) open their doors to visitors.  The guides in the homes are costumed descendants and family friends of the original owners, and their stories are real and genuine.  Every house is unique, furnished with 18th and 19th century pieces, including furniture, porcelain, silver, clothing, documents, diaries, and tools.  Be sure to book early with us because it’s a very popular time.  You can book directly by going to:


Last, but not least, I certainly hope this has been a wonderful summer for you and your family and that you enjoy the last of it this Labor Day weekend.  We still have a few rooms available some of this weekend, so you might want to call today and book a memorable time at Monmouth!


Until next time – Happy Labor Day!