Monmouth Historic Inn

March 6, 1849 letter - Eliza to Henry Part II

August 19 2014 | News

This is the second part of Eliza's letter to son, Henry, dated March 6, 1849.  It's lovely to know how much the gardens at Monmouth were cared for by the Quitmans, as they are today, and one can only imagine how beautiful and sweet smelling the gardens were with blooming yellow Jasmine!  Until next time - enjoy the rest of the summer and be sure to check out our Summer Special that continues through August 31st, with stays starting at $136.50!  Here is the continuation of the letter:


Yesterday we had a MASS of Asparagus for dinner. I have been engaged in dressing up my flower gardens since you left, had all the beds filled up and borders sodded, it now looks much improved. The yellow Jasmine is in full bloom at this time. Tonight the Miss Connor give a grand party. Sarah Ellis is practicing so I am told for a great Soiree, she tries hard poor girl to be thought fashionable.

You must be careful of your health as Spring approaches. The Cholera has entirely disappeared from this country. Dr. Cannons Cholera mixture is now said to be the best remedy ever discovered. It is said to act like a charm in its cure. Dr. Cartwright has removed to N.Orleans for the purpose of practicing his profession. He is a great loss to Natchez & a neighborhood.

All our friends are well. I say Mrs. Colhoun a few days since. She said I should remember her very particularly to you. That you were a great friend of her son John’s and she wished you and John to continue your old friendship. He is to come home this summer to pass the vacation.

Your little Sisters remember buddy Henry with such love. There was a young gentleman here and Lida could not keep (her) eyes off him because he looked so very much like her brother so she thought. When you see Mrs. Cook and young ladies present my regards to them.

Write often to me, you need not be too particular about having a long letter to send. Write often and put down anything you may have to say. Remember it is only a written conversation.

Goodbye my dear Henry for this time and always cherish

                   a warm affection for your Mother