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Jan 7, 1853 letter from Henry to General Quitman

February 11 2015 | News

The letter posted in the blog today is the first part of a letter from Henry Quitman to his father, General Quitman.  Henry is missing something from his voyage - it was misplaced on the trip by the crew.  So it seems that much has not changed between that time and today's world once again!  Until next time - happy travels - and I hope your baggage is not lost during your travels!


New York City           January 7, 1853

Dear Father,

                I am delayed much beyond my calculation in this city by the non-appearance of much on board the ship after our arrival.  I had it forwarded (as is customary) by the agents in Liverpool, who showed me a memorandum to the effect that it had been sent upon board the steamer.  I cannot obtain as yet the least clue to its whereabouts, but will certainly know by the end of the week whether it has been left behind in Liverpool or not.  So soon as I can get certain information about it or become convinced of its loss I will commence my journey homeward.  Jordan left yesterday for the South by the Southern route.  I would liked much to have been able to have accompanied him but was prevented by reasons above stated.  I think however that I will be able to get off about the beginning of next week.  I am at present with Uncle George who kindly desired me to come up and stay at his house during my sojourn in the city.  He expects in a day or two to leave for the South via Wheeling or the Ohio.  I fear that he will have a cold time of it, but he seems to prefer that route to the Southern.  I was much pleased to get upon my arrival here letters from yourself and Mother.  Aunt Annie showed me a letter from Tony, in which I learnt for the first time the news of the advent of the little stranger.  I earnestly hope that it will prove a source of consolation to my poor sister.  I trust that it will so engage her attention as to divert it entirely from her grief.


Next week the second part of this letter . . . .