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It's Fall Pilgrimage Time!!!

September 16 2014 | News

Many people hear the word “Natchez” and think “It’s what you love about the South” -  I couldn’t agree with them more!  Some of you say “Autumn” while others think “Fall.”  In Natchez, it’s “Fall” and it’s a wonderful season and perfect time to visit.  It just so happens that Fall begins next week on September 23rd, and the beauty found all over town during this time of year is one of the many reasons why there is a “Fall Pilgrimage” in Natchez.  Fall Pilgrimage commences here the weekend following the beginning of  the season it's named after, and this year occurs from September 26th through October 13th.  Just as the town does during Spring Pilgrimage, Natchez welcomes guests into its historic homes for two weeks every Fall.  We also host beautiful garden tours, evening entertainment in historic homes, and a lively play at Natchez Little Theater.  There will be nineteen antebellum mansions on tour in all, most of which are private residences, and they’ll open their doors to guests during this special time.  The guides at the homes are family friends and descendants of the original owners dressed in period costume, and their stories are – as they say – “as real as the bricks and mortar in their hearths.”  All of the homes are filled with unique items, where you’ll find 18th and 19th century furnishings, tools, porcelain, clothing, silver, diaries and documents.  Don’t miss out on our little slice of heaven in Natchez during a time when Mother Nature truly shows off, and you’ll take home unique memories that’ll last a lifetime – and then some!