Monmouth Historic Inn

Interview with Bellman, Hal Davis

December 16 2014 | News


Q:     How long have you been with Monmouth?

A:      It will be 25 years on February 1, 2016!

Q:     What led you to working at Monmouth?

A:      A friend of the owner’s at the time told me there was an opening and asked that I stop by to apply, and I got the job on the spot.

Q:     What are the various positions you’ve held at Monmouth over the years?

A:      Bellman and Grounds Maintenance.

Q:     What’s the best part about being the Bellman at Monmouth?

A:      I get to meet people from every part of this country, and outside this country.  I also like to help make people happy and comfortable, which is a large part of my job.

Q:     What’s your fondest memory at Monmouth?

A:      It’s so hard to choose.  I have so many, but some of my fondest memories are seeing return guests come to Monmouth year after year after year . . . . And I enjoy meeting new people and watching their delight as they discover Monmouth’s many joys.

Q:     What’s your favorite spot at Monmouth?

A:      The Courtyard, because that's where people come to relax, enjoy libations, and lively conversations with one another.

Q:     What’s your favorite room/suite at Monmouth and why?

A:      That's easy - Room 25, Miss Eliza’s Suite.  I know what it looked like before and after the recent remodeling, and I really love its new look .  I also have fond memories of the numerous celebrities that stayed in this Suite over the years - from politicians to movie stars to poets.

Q:     What are some of the most frequently asked questions from guests and what are your answers to them?

A:      Many guests ask how they can get to the historic downtown area, and I tell them it’s a mile and a half straight up the road, and the Mississippi River is about a half mile further down from there – also straight down the same road. 

Q:     What’s your favorite thing about Natchez?

A:      Natchez has been my home all but 1 year of my entire life, and I can honestly say I can't begin to list all the things I love about Natchez.  But, if I was to list something, it would be the quiet and solitude found around here, especially at Monmouth, and the changes for the better I’ve seen take place over the years here at Monmouth, and around the town.  I’m really looking forward to the Tricentennial Celebration in 2016!