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Eliza Quitman's Letter to Her Son, Henry

November 4 2014 | News

Today's post is a letter from Eliza Quitman to her son, Henry.  She tells of a severe storm that took place a week before this letter was written.  We were lucky enough this year that we didn't get hit with any hurricanes, but we all know that each year hurricane season brings with it uncertainty.  It is also touching to hear Eliza write of how she fears the loss of her children - loss to death and then the day that will come when they are all grown and she doesn't know where they will move on to.  Such is not more true than today.  Until next time, happy and safe travels! 


Monmouth July 25th 1982


My dearest Son

                It is now a week since you bid us goodbye.  I trust you have arrived in health and safety at the Cailliou.  We feel anxious to hear from you and hope that you will write soon and often.

We are all jogging along in the same old way life perfectly monotonous.  We have had very showery weather since you left and some very severe storms of thunder & lightning during one last week a negro man, six mules, one horse and dog of Adam Bingamans were killed.  I suppose some rain, indeed a good deal would not inure the sugar cane materially at this time.

I had a letter from Uncle Turner from Niagara Falls they were all well and enjoying themselves much.  Fanny Conner is dead.  She died on the 18th July at Niagara.  Bishop Chance is also dead.  He died at Baltimore on the 22?

This is dear Rosa’s birthday she is twelve years old today.  How the children do grow!  In a very few years if they should live all will have grown up.  How sad, how sad I cannot bear to think of the time when the family now around me, shall be broken, and scattered to the four winds of heaven.  We cannot tell where the will fix their abode for all is uncertain in this life.  That they may be fitted to endure life’s sorrows and trials and also that they may be so guided and governed that they will enjoy the life that is to come is the great object for which I labor to train them to.  Oh my dearly beloved son that you would seriously consider and prepare for that home to which we are all hastening.  That you would reflect for what a noble splendid destiny you were created, to be above the angels of God, to be the brother of the son of God for our Lord Jesus Christ is our elder brother.  That you may give all your heart and energies to the service of God is the fervent and constant prayer of your Mother.

        Your dear sisters as well as myself miss you so very much.  May you be preserved in health and return to us safe and sound is the wish and hope of all.  Write soon to me and give me all the news.  Take care of your health and do not forget your most affectionate