Monmouth Historic Inn

Christmas Time 1856

December 10 2014 | News

I thought it would be fun to post a letter from almost the same date as today's date – written 158 years ago!  Enjoy and we hope to see you during this holiday season – one of our most beloved times on the property with all the festivities in and around town, and lovely decorations enhancing the property’s beauty.

Monmouth Dec. 12th 1856

My dear Son

                   I received your letter which gave us all much pleasure and I write now to say, that I will not put you to the trouble of coming event to New Orleans but if you will meet us at the Houma crossing depot, with such wagons and other vehicles to transport us to Live Oaks I shall be satisfied, we will all come Aunts and all, and we will have 5 trunks and one or two carpet bags.  I shall get Mr. Cotlin to take charge of us when we get to New Orleans and to escort us father on, perhaps all the way.  Uncle Henry is at present with us, he says he will not visit you at Christmas as it is absolutely necessary for him to be on the plantation at that time but will come down before we leave you.  My dear, dear Henry, let me caution you about using Chloroform so freely when you have a tooth ache, it makes me almost tremble to think how you did use it, and what the result might possibly have been but praised be God that He took care of you.  I hope when this reaches you, Mary and Jenny will be at home to cheer and brighten your fireside.

All send love to dear Buddie Hennie and sister Mary, and sweet Little Jennie And I am your affectionate Mother

                                                                             E Quitman

I forgot to say that we shall leave home on the Princess on the 20th that will bring us to you a day before Christmas.