Monmouth Historic Inn

Interview of Assistant General Manager, Carol Jones

September 23 2014 | News

Today I'm happy to post about an employee at Monmouth who has been here for many years, and does a fantastic job of taking care of our guests and the property - Carol Jones.  

Q:  How long have you been with Monmouth?

A:  19 years

Q:  What led you to working at Monmouth? 

A:  I always knew Monmouth was a very special place.  And when the Office Manager job became available, I was working part-time and was glad to get a full time job. 

Q:  What are the various positions you’ve held at Monmouth over the years? 

A:  Office Manager, Bookkeeper, Rooms Division Manager, and back to Office Manager and now Assistant General Manager.

Q:  What’s the best part about being the Assistant General Manager at Monmouth? 

A:  Again, Monmouth is such a special place to work, and this position gets me out of the office and out on the grounds and in and out of all of the buildings.

Q:  What’s the best part about Restaurant 1818 and what’s your favorite dish? 

A:  Restaurant 1818 is the only fine dining served in an antebellum mansion, so the setting is unique and the food is excellent.  My favorite dish would have to be the duck.  I never have been a fan of Duck until eating it here and I just love it.  Of course, the filets are the best!!

Q:  What’s the best part about the Quitman Lounge and what’s your favorite dish? 

A:  The Quitman’s Lounge is converted from John Quitman’s bedroom and study, so it has wonderful documents on the walls reflecting his time here.  Roosevelt and George are the best bartenders, always remembering what my favorite drink is – Cosmopolitan.  My favorite dish in the lounge is the fried chicken.  It is the best and our guests agree it is the best they’ve ever had, anywhere.

Q:  What’s your favorite breakfast item in the Garden Room? 

A:  Breakfast is always a treat in the Garden Room.  The beautiful surroundings add to that “best” “first” cup of coffee.  The French Toast is to die for, but Mary’s Grits are the best I’ve ever had.  They are rich and creamy and just yummy!

Q:  What’s your favorite part about Events and Weddings at Monmouth? 

A:  My favorite part is that every single one is fresh and new.  I never get tired of doing them because each one is individualized and fresh.  New people, different floral arrangements, cakes and decorations!

Q:  What’s your fondest memory at Monmouth?

A:  There are so many…I think the Japanese couple who traveled here for their wedding.  They brought their friends and family from Japan, but stopped in New Orleans on their first night in the states.  They decided to hire a Jazz Band to come to Monmouth for the wedding.  After the vows were exchanged, they all paraded around the gardens with the Jazz Band.  It was wonderful and they were so happy.

Q:  What’s your favorite spot at Monmouth? 

A:  That would have to be the Gazebo which overlooks the front pond.  It is always quiet and peaceful.  You can watch the Egrets and ducks and listen to the fountains.

Q:  What’s your favorite room/suite at Monmouth and why? 

A:  #49 in the Pond Cottage is my favorite.  It is a very large room with bedroom and sitting room together and beautiful bathroom.  The door opens to a porch with rocking chairs and again you can sit and watch and listen to the Pond.

Q:  What are some of the most frequently asked questions from guests and what are your answers to them? 

A:  Most frequently asked would be which Antebellum Houses to go visit and where to eat lunch.  I always tell them that each of the houses have something unique.  Longwood is the most unique because it was never completed.  Magnolia Hall has a costume museum. Auburn has a unique spiral staircase, etc. 

Places to eat:  I usually tell them one restaurant like Cotton Alley, then the next guest that comes in I tell them Magnolia Grill, then the next one another restaurant.  I try to be fair to all the restaurants and since we have so many good ones I spread the guests out.

Q:  What’s your favorite thing about Natchez? 

A:  Having spent all of my life here, my favorite thing about Natchez is that it is home!  I never tire of the fact that it is a small town with plenty to do.  My children and grandchildren all live here.  Also, low crime, no traffic jams and everybody knows everybody.  We can also do big city things by hopping in the car and driving just 3 hours to New Orleans for ballgames, plays and shopping. 

Thank you, Carol - for all your wonderful years of service at Monmouth - and here's to many more.  Be sure to ask to meet Carol when you stay at Monmouth - you'll see a smiling face and be welcomed like famliy!

Until next week - happy travels during this wonderful Fall season!