Monmouth Historic Inn


Built in 1982, these cottages have large front porches with rocking chairs overlooking the beautiful gardens. The garden cottages consist of 2 cottages next to each other, each cottage having two guest rooms with private baths and porches across the front.  These rooms are decorated with fine antiques and reproduction furnishings and features luxurious amenities.



Magnolia Room 31

Magnolia Room Magnolia Room view from bed

The Magnolia is the state flower for Mississippi. There are Magnolia trees throughout the grounds on Monmouth’s 26 acres, most notably on the front lawn as you drive up the great entranceway.

DELUXE ROOM – Queen bed, ½ canopy, spa tub, fireplace, front porch, rocking chairs



Gardenia Room 32

Gardenia Room Gardenia Room side viewGardenia Room bed

There are numerous gardenia bushes to be found throughout Monmouth’s gardens.  “A swirl of blinding white, the gardenia’s waxy blossom is at once pure and sensual. So intoxicating is its sweetness that raising a bloom to your nose invites you to swoon. Intolerant of Northern winters, the gardenia saves its charms for the South?for prom girls’ corsages; blooms floating in birdbaths; and heaven-scented, lazy evenings spent chatting on the porch.”  From “A Brief History of the Gardenia” – by Southern Living.

DELUXE ROOM – King bed, spa tub, fireplace, front porch, rocking chairs



Camellia Room 33

Camellia Room bed Camillia Room

The camellia is native to Japan and closely related to the tea plant. Beautiful camellia bushes can be found throughout the property, along the various garden pathways. These lovely plants first entered the south by way of Charleston.

DELUXE ROOM – Queen bed, full canopy, spa tub, fireplace, front porch, rocking chairs 


Azalea Room 34

Azalea Room Azalea Room side view

The azalea is native to Japan, and received its name because it was discovered in Asia. There are numerous, incredible azalea bushes surrounding Monmouth’s garden pathways and front lawn, which you can see as you drive up the great entranceway.  It has been said that the azalea is the number one “must have” plant in the South.  

DELUXE ROOM – King bed, spa tub, fireplace, front porch, rocking chairs

Want to stay in a specific room? Please call 601.442.5852 to make your reservation. Due to our intimate size, every effort is made to honor a  request for a specific room; however, Monmouth can only guarantee the "room category" when you make a reservation online.  In the event the "room category" reserved is not available the day of check-in, Monmouth will upgrade a reservation to a higher category room at no additional charge.   

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