Monmouth Historic Inn

Did You Know?

Welcome Chef Allison Richard!

October 28, 2014 News

Monmouth Historic Inn is proud to announce the appointment of Allison Richard as Executive Chef of Restaurant 1818 at Monmouth.  Allison is a young, yet innovative chef with over 10 years of culinary experience in France, Louisiana and Missis… Read More »

Part II of Eliza's Letter to her son - June 9, 1849

October 22, 2014 News

This is the second half of Eliza's 6/9/1849 letter to her son.  In it we read of the deep religious ties and beliefs the family held back then, as so many people did.  We also continue reading how the Cholera epidemic continued to ta… Read More »

Letter from Eliza to her Son Henry - Part I

October 13, 2014 News

This June 9, 1949 letter was written by Eliza Quitman to her son, Henry, during a time when Cholera was ravaging the country.  I thought about the diseases our country's facing today, and it would seem there's always some new disease … Read More »

Trees on the Front Lawn

October 7, 2014 News

Today I'll be discussing some of the trees, moss, fern - and "creatures" - that have a symbiotic relationship with some of our trees.  Overall, it all provides a very beautiful picturesque scene on Monmouth’s front lawn, a… Read More »

College Football Team Ornaments

October 1, 2014 News

Gorgeous College Football Team Ornaments! Have you been wondering what to get that special someone in your life who just happens to love a particular football team?  Well, we have the perfect gift.  Our Gift shop has many unique items, a… Read More »