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Natchez "Nabobs" - MORE

May 29, 2015 News

I find this so interesting; how far we have come - or have we?  Read below and draw your own conclusions.  First, remember that the term "Nabobs" meant "man of great wealth"  and accurately describes the type of ari… Read More »

Suite Stays in May

May 15, 2015 News

  This week we have much to write about! First, we are offering a "Suite Stay" in May.  Be sure to come celebrate the beauty of this season with us during the month of May (2015) by staying in one of our suites and rece… Read More »

Henry Quitman Traveling Abroad Part II

May 7, 2015 News

This posting is the second part of the letter Henry Quitman sent to his father in 1853 detailing parts of his travels in Liverpool and his intentions of traveling in Ireland and Scotland.  Sometimes we forget to appreciate various things about w… Read More »