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March Events

February 26, 2015 News

Now that Ole Man Winter is almost over – I know some people are still in the throes of it - and we dig ourselves out from under all that snow (although we were spared the lovely white frosting here) it’s time to talk about Spring!  S… Read More »

Delightful Dishes in Quitman's Household

February 19, 2015 News

Next week we'll continue with Henry's letter, but this week I found some interesting information I'd like to share from "Monmouth: It's Majesty and Legacy": Eliza opposed General Quitman’s volunteering for the Mexic… Read More »

Jan 7, 1853 letter from Henry to General Quitman

February 11, 2015 News

The letter posted in the blog today is the first part of a letter from Henry Quitman to his father, General Quitman.  Henry is missing something from his voyage - it was misplaced on the trip by the crew.  So it seems that much has not chan… Read More »

More About the Quitmans' Antebellum Life

February 4, 2015 News

Today's blog is more information on Monmouth and a glimpse into Antebellum Life in the 1800s.  How amusing it sounds now - but more surely did not at the time - for General Quitman to have left to fight in the Mexican-American War and tel… Read More »