Monmouth Historic Inn

Did You Know?

February 1845 Letter

April 30, 2014 News

Below is the transcript of a letter from the Quitman Family Letter Collection.  Next week I’ll blog with particulars on some of the items in this 169 year old letter –who, what, and where type of information.  How vastly… Read More »


April 23, 2014 News

WALLPAPER IN MONMOUTH’S ENTRANCE HALL- The panoramic wallpaper (designed in 1834) in the front entrance hall at Monmouth was created by French artist Jean Zuber, a very famous French artist.  The wallpaper is entitled Vue de l'Am&ea… Read More »

The Monmouth Ducks

April 16, 2014 News

NOTE:  At the bottom of this post are the responses to the questions I posed last week. Currently, we have 8 ducks at Monmouth.  The females are sitting on nests and, like anxious parents, Monmouth’s staff is wat… Read More »

Where were you General Quitman?

April 9, 2014 News

As promised, I have several curiosity/historical questions based on some of the wording in the letter I posted last week.  For your ease of reference, below is a transcript of the letter: Brassos St. Dago Near Houston August … Read More »

"You are my polar star and my heart ever points to you."

April 2, 2014 News

Good morning!  Below is the first letter I’m posting and is from General Quitman to his wife, Eliza.  This is the letter we discuss during tours at Monmouth, and offer copies to our guests.  Monmouth has always been a place of… Read More »