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Tours, Attractions, and Discounts in Natchez

January 25, 2017 News

We are having an early Spring here in Natchez! While the rest of the country is experiencing record-setting temperatures below freezing, snow blizzards, ice, and lots of time indoors we are talking about the scarcity of short-sleeved shirts… Read More »

Part II - 1823 Natchez: Yellow Fever, Parties & More

August 26, 2015 News

Here is the 2nd part of Mr. Nelson's October of 2010 column run in the Corcordia Sentinel. How sad it is to hear that after departing town for a time - then returning - when someone failed to see familiar faces on the street they would inquire ab… Read More »

1823 Natchez: Yellow Fever, Parties & More

August 21, 2015 News

Most interesting to read in today's posting is the idylic lifestyle Quitman describes in August of 1823 - from late summer to late fall. While I would not trade today's medicine for that of the time - the lifestyle sounds most inviting and I … Read More »

Natchez - a Town With Two Faces - Part II

August 14, 2015 News

This second part of Mr. Nelson’s insightful October of 2010 article really begins to compare and contrast the city, and why Quitman felt it was “a town with two faces.” You need to read the article to fully understand where Quitman&… Read More »

Natchez: A Town With Two Faces

August 5, 2015 News

We continue reading Mr. Nelson’s articles, and this week’s posting is the first part of an article – stating Natchez is “a town with two faces.” Interesting to read about the beginnings of Quitman's career and how he… Read More »

Pt II - John Quitman Article by Stanley Nelson - 9/29/10

July 30, 2015 News

This post is the 2nd part of an article written by Stanley Nelson and published by the Concordia Sentinel in 2010 – last week I posted the first part. General Quitman truly sounds like a “Renaissance” man in that he loved traveling,… Read More »

Pt I - John Quitman Article by Stanley Nelson - 9/29/10

July 24, 2015 News

We’re featuring a series of articles written by Stanley Nelson and published by the Concordia Sentinel in 2010. Today I’m posting the first part of Mr. Nelson’s article published on September 29, 2010. In this article, Mr. Nelson be… Read More »

Quitman-Turner Prenup & Nabobs

July 16, 2015 News

I was really impressed when I read that Eliza Quitman had a prenup before she married John Quitman.  This was quite the gutsy move back in those days, in my humble opinion.  Below is an excerpt regarding that prenup as well as other info on… Read More »

Civil War & Monmouth - Continued

July 10, 2015 News

Wondering what life at Monmouth was towards the end of the Civil War and after?  Here's an excerpt from "Monmouth:  Its Majesty & Legacy."  A love of history is what draws many to Monmouth, along with the many other t… Read More »

Part II of Henry Quitman's 6-26-1853 letter to his father

June 26, 2015 News

This is a continuation of last week's posting - Part II of Henry Quitman's letter to his father, John A. Quitman - a letter written on this date 162 years ago!  Reading the text of this letter brings to mind so many things I know about G… Read More »

Henry's June 26 1853 letter to his father

June 19, 2015 News

This week's posting is a letter written by Henry Quitman to his father while he was traveling abroad in 1853.  It's interesting to read his take on Ireland and Scotland.  Check out our posting next week to read the end of this lette… Read More »

Catch Up Time!

June 12, 2015 News

Even though summer is here (and the warmer temperatures we expect with that season), we’ve received lovely afternoon and early evening showers, which have been most welcome.  I've always love a good thunderstorm in the summer – e… Read More »

The Civil War and Monmouth

June 4, 2015 News

I find the Civil War fascinating - and painful; reading about its history in Natchez and at Monmouth has also been interesting for me, as I hope it is for you.  This excerpt is from the booklet:  "Monmouth:  Its Majesty and Legacy… Read More »

Natchez "Nabobs" - MORE

May 29, 2015 News

I find this so interesting; how far we have come - or have we?  Read below and draw your own conclusions.  First, remember that the term "Nabobs" meant "man of great wealth"  and accurately describes the type of ari… Read More »

Suite Stays in May

May 15, 2015 News

  This week we have much to write about! First, we are offering a "Suite Stay" in May.  Be sure to come celebrate the beauty of this season with us during the month of May (2015) by staying in one of our suites and rece… Read More »

Henry Quitman Traveling Abroad Part II

May 7, 2015 News

This posting is the second part of the letter Henry Quitman sent to his father in 1853 detailing parts of his travels in Liverpool and his intentions of traveling in Ireland and Scotland.  Sometimes we forget to appreciate various things about w… Read More »

Henry Quitman Travels Abroad - 1853

April 29, 2015 News

Today's posting is taken from our collection of Quitman letters and is written by Henry Quitman to his father, General Quitman, and dated June 8, 1853.  This posting is the first half of the letter, and next week I'll post the other half… Read More »

Snowing Flowers

April 23, 2015 News

It's snowing flowers!  The grounds are absolutely breathtaking right now, and the famous Catalpa Trees are blooming.  When you drive onto the property the blossoms from these trees make it look like it’s snowing flowers as they ge… Read More »

More History on Monmouth

April 16, 2015 News

Here's an excerpt from "Monmouth:  Its Majesty and Legacy."  Also, three years ago this month the Reuthers purchased Monmouth - Happy Anniversary!  Monmouth's legacy continues . . . . Until next time - happy travels! … Read More »


April 9, 2015 News

We have so much to share with the world this week.  New Monmouth ducklings have arrived - 12 baby ducklings to be exact!  In order to keep them safe so they can grow up and join the rest of the Monmouth Ducks the babies are secluded on t… Read More »

May 16, 1853 Letter from Eliza Quitman to her son, Henry

April 2, 2015 News

The letter below is interesting in many ways - one of which is how travel on the river was done and feared in the 1800's.  How far we have come from the Steamboats!  Also, as we enter this Easter Tridiuum, we see that faith and its frui… Read More »

Interview With Reservation Specialist Lacey Emfinger

March 25, 2015 News

Interview With Monmouth Historic Inn Reservation Specialist, Lacey Emfinger Q:     How long have you been with Monmouth? A:      5 years this April.           Q: … Read More »

The Nabobs of Natchez

March 19, 2015 News

Searching for interesting information on Natchez, Monmouth, and General Quitman, I ran across the  book Antebellum Natchez, by D. Clayton James.  Below is a snippet from this interesting book.  If you'd like to learn more abou… Read More »

John Anthony Quitman's Career

March 12, 2015 News

How interesting it is to glimpse into General Quitman's career by taking an excerpt from the booklet "Monmouth:  Its Majesty and Legacy." He was indeed someone this property is proud of.  Until next time - happy travels! … Read More »

Jan. 7, 1853 letter Henry to Gen. Quitman Part II

March 5, 2015 News

Today I'm posting the second part from Henry Quitman's 1/7/1853 letter to his father, General Quitman.  In this letter he speaks of a secret - Henry's found the woman he wants to marry!  Until next time, happy travels - whi… Read More »

March Events

February 26, 2015 News

Now that Ole Man Winter is almost over – I know some people are still in the throes of it - and we dig ourselves out from under all that snow (although we were spared the lovely white frosting here) it’s time to talk about Spring!  S… Read More »

Delightful Dishes in Quitman's Household

February 19, 2015 News

Next week we'll continue with Henry's letter, but this week I found some interesting information I'd like to share from "Monmouth: It's Majesty and Legacy": Eliza opposed General Quitman’s volunteering for the Mexic… Read More »

Jan 7, 1853 letter from Henry to General Quitman

February 11, 2015 News

The letter posted in the blog today is the first part of a letter from Henry Quitman to his father, General Quitman.  Henry is missing something from his voyage - it was misplaced on the trip by the crew.  So it seems that much has not chan… Read More »

More About the Quitmans' Antebellum Life

February 4, 2015 News

Today's blog is more information on Monmouth and a glimpse into Antebellum Life in the 1800s.  How amusing it sounds now - but more surely did not at the time - for General Quitman to have left to fight in the Mexican-American War and tel… Read More »

Feb 17, 1853 to Henry Quitman

January 27, 2015 News

The letter in today’s blog is from Eliza to her son, Henry. In it she mentions her daughter, Freddie, as recently having Influenza – which is going around the country at this time as well.  Until next time, happy travels, and hopi… Read More »


January 21, 2015 News

Today we share with you an interview with 1 of the Ducks of Monmouth - who wished to remain anonymous.  Until next time, happy travels and enjoy this beautiful weather!   Q&A WITH ONE OF THE DUCKS OF MONMOUTH Q: &nbs… Read More »

Antebellum Life

January 16, 2015 News

The following is an excerpt from "Monmouth:  Its Majesty and Legacy," which is no longer in print, but contains fascinating information about Monmouth.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  Until next time - happy trave… Read More »

Touching Sept 4 1852 letter from Eliza to Son, Henry Quitman

January 6, 2015 News

It always touches me to read Eliza's letters to her son, Henry.  Her letters are filled with such deep affection and love for her son, and it's so nice that she left behind these tangible memories of those sentiments for their descend… Read More »

Monmouth's Antebellum Estate

December 30, 2014 News

Today's blog is taken from the history books on Monmouth, and paints quote a lovely picture of the estate in the 1800's.  In its present day, Monmouth still has many of the trees, flowers, herbs and plants that General Quitman planted… Read More »

Christmastime in 1860!!

December 23, 2014 News

Merry Christmas! Today's Blog is a letter from Mary Quitman to her husband, Henry. How interesting to read what she wrote this same time of year nearly 154 years later!    Providence Dec. 27th 1860   My dear Henr… Read More »

Interview with Bellman, Hal Davis

December 16, 2014 News

INTERVIEW WITH MONMOUTH HISTORIC INN BELLMAN, HAL DAVIS Q:     How long have you been with Monmouth? A:      It will be 25 years on February 1, 2016! Q:     What led you to wo… Read More »

Christmas Time 1856

December 10, 2014 News

I thought it would be fun to post a letter from almost the same date as today's date – written 158 years ago!  Enjoy and we hope to see you during this holiday season – one of our most beloved times on the property with all th… Read More »

Christmas & Gumbo

December 3, 2014 News

We are thrilled to report that our Chef, Allison Richard, won 1st place in the Gumbo Cook-off that took place in Natchez the day after Thanksgiving.  Congratulations Chef Richard!  Our guests remark on how much they enjoy her gumbo, and … Read More »

Eliza's letter to Henry - August 18 1852

November 25, 2014 News

In today's post we read where Eliza Quitman has not heard from her son, Henry, in weeks, she is most anxious to hear from him.  How not unlike mothers today where we long to hear regularly from our children. Monmouth Aug. 18th 1852 … Read More »

The Quitman Decades - Part I

November 18, 2014 News

The Quitman Decades – Part I John Anthony Quitman was Monmouth's most prominent occupant.  Quitman was born in 1799, the son of a poor, scholarly Lutheran minister in Rhinebeck, New York.  By early manhood, Quitman craved a… Read More »

Interview with Rooms and Group Travel Manager, Christy Waggoner

November 11, 2014 News

I'm delighted to post an Interview with one of our guests' favorite employees - Rooms and Group Travel Manager, Christy Waggoner today.  Please be sure to look Christy up when you stay here! Q:     How lon… Read More »

Eliza Quitman's Letter to Her Son, Henry

November 4, 2014 News

Today's post is a letter from Eliza Quitman to her son, Henry.  She tells of a severe storm that took place a week before this letter was written.  We were lucky enough this year that we didn't get hit with any hurricanes, but we… Read More »

Welcome Chef Allison Richard!

October 28, 2014 News

Monmouth Historic Inn is proud to announce the appointment of Allison Richard as Executive Chef of Restaurant 1818 at Monmouth.  Allison is a young, yet innovative chef with over 10 years of culinary experience in France, Louisiana and Missis… Read More »

Part II of Eliza's Letter to her son - June 9, 1849

October 22, 2014 News

This is the second half of Eliza's 6/9/1849 letter to her son.  In it we read of the deep religious ties and beliefs the family held back then, as so many people did.  We also continue reading how the Cholera epidemic continued to ta… Read More »

Letter from Eliza to her Son Henry - Part I

October 13, 2014 News

This June 9, 1949 letter was written by Eliza Quitman to her son, Henry, during a time when Cholera was ravaging the country.  I thought about the diseases our country's facing today, and it would seem there's always some new disease … Read More »

Trees on the Front Lawn

October 7, 2014 News

Today I'll be discussing some of the trees, moss, fern - and "creatures" - that have a symbiotic relationship with some of our trees.  Overall, it all provides a very beautiful picturesque scene on Monmouth’s front lawn, a… Read More »

College Football Team Ornaments

October 1, 2014 News

Gorgeous College Football Team Ornaments! Have you been wondering what to get that special someone in your life who just happens to love a particular football team?  Well, we have the perfect gift.  Our Gift shop has many unique items, a… Read More »

Interview of Assistant General Manager, Carol Jones

September 23, 2014 News

Today I'm happy to post about an employee at Monmouth who has been here for many years, and does a fantastic job of taking care of our guests and the property - Carol Jones.   Q:  How long have you been with Monmouth? A… Read More »

It's Fall Pilgrimage Time!!!

September 16, 2014 News

Many people hear the word “Natchez” and think “It’s what you love about the South” -  I couldn’t agree with them more!  Some of you say “Autumn” while others think “Fall.” … Read More »

Bon Voyage Part II

September 9, 2014 News

Here's the second part to the letter I posted last week - from Louisa Quitman to her mother, Eliza, written in March of 1849.  Here she is discussing visiting the Barracks on her trip to New Orleans with her Father, General Quitman.  … Read More »

Bon Voyage - Louisa Quitman's March 1849 trip to New Orleans!

September 2, 2014 News

Today I’m posting a letter that Louisa Quitman wrote to her mother in March of 1849 when Louisa took a trip downriver to New Orleans.  The second part of this letter will be posted next week, and commentary the week after that.  In… Read More »


August 26, 2014 News

Today is about the present and a celebration of the many things happening in and around Monmouth - a gift for which we'd like to show thanks!   A lovely blog article was written by Sydney Burdick mentioning us in her travels throu… Read More »

March 6, 1849 letter - Eliza to Henry Part II

August 19, 2014 News

This is the second part of Eliza's letter to son, Henry, dated March 6, 1849.  It's lovely to know how much the gardens at Monmouth were cared for by the Quitmans, as they are today, and one can only imagine how beautiful and sweet sm… Read More »

March 6, 1849 Letter from Eliza to Henry

August 13, 2014 News

Today we see another letter from Ms. Eliza wherein she's happy to hear from her son finding out he arrived safely at college.  It was with much more trepidation I am sure that parents sent their children off to college some distance or se… Read More »

Historical Background on General Quitman

August 6, 2014 News

In 1827, John Anthony Quitman was elected to the legislature.  From 1828 to 1834 he held the office of chancellor of the state and in 1835 he was chosen to fill the unexpired term of Governor of the state.  In 1836, he enlisted, largely … Read More »

A little of this and a little of that

July 29, 2014 News

Thank you all for your comments!  Here's what one viewer wrote: "What fun to read these letters.  What a lost art writing letters is now.  With e-mail, texts, twitter, facebook, - makes me wonder what Eliza wo… Read More »

Part 2 - Feb. 1949 letter from Eliza Quitman to her son, Henry

July 23, 2014 News

Today I'm posting the second part of the Feb. 19, 1849 letter from Eliza Quitman to her son, Henry.  Please send me your comments at, and I may post some of them on the Blog next week.  It's obvious… Read More »

Feb. 19, 1849 Letter - Eliza Misses Her Son, Henry

July 15, 2014 News

Today I'm posting a letter from Eliza Quitman to her son, Henry.  This is one of our owner's favorite letters, because although years have passed since the writing of this letter, the sentiment remains.  Parents still wait anxiou… Read More »

Union Occupation

July 8, 2014 News

MONMOUTH’S OCCUPATION BY UNION SOLDIERS In 1861, the state of Mississippi seceded from the Union and John Quitman daughters see their husbands off to war. When Natchez was attacked by the Union army in 1862, during the… Read More »

Monmouth Wins Southern Hospitality Award!!!

July 2, 2014 News

MONMOUTH HISTORIC INN is pleased to announce that the Editors of ConventionSouth magazine, a national multimedia resource for planning events that are held within the South and the publishers of the annual Guide to Meeting Sites in the South, have… Read More »

Beautiful Ansonia Clock

June 25, 2014 News

Ansonia Clock The beautiful clock in the Quitman Study is an Ansonia Clock made in Ansonia, near Cleveland, Ohio.  This one features, possibly, what one might call a "deep thinker."  Ansonia was named for Anson C. Phel… Read More »

"Fat" and "as round as a dumpling"!

June 18, 2014 News

A few interesting remarks on the letter excerpt I posted last week.  While Eliza says her girls "have grown fat" and Freddy is "as round as a dumpling," growing up, I remember my grandparents considered it a compliment to … Read More »

1848 Scarlet Fever Letter excerpt - Part II

June 11, 2014 News

This is the final part of Eliza Quitman’s February 19, 1848 letter to her son, Henry.  Discussion about various people and things contained in this letter will be posted to our blog next week.  Until next time . . . . (Con… Read More »

1848 Scarlet Fever Outbreak - Follow-up

June 3, 2014 News

In her letter to her son, Henry, Eliza has learned of the Scarlet Fever epidemic in Natchez in 1848, and writes that the disease is spread “by the touch and clothing not by the air.” While it is true the disease is spread by touch, sci… Read More »

1848 Scarlet Fever Outbreak

May 28, 2014 News

Today is the first half of a letter written by Eliza Quitman to her son, Henry Quitman.  Of note is the mention of the Scarlet Fever outbreak in Natchez in 1848. I find most interesting the "medicinal" ways Eliza recommends fighting… Read More »

"Cavalier Arabe"

May 21, 2014 News

“Cavalier Arabe” - 19th Century French Bronze Statue by Emile Guillemin In the Quitman Lounge – above the bar – you will find an exquisite bronze statute.  I was fascinated by this statue from the moment I saw it.&… Read More »

Tourism & Beauty

May 14, 2014 News

TOURISM AND BEAUTY! Monmouth’s owner, Nancy Reuther, was one of several people honored on May 6, 2014 by the City of Natchez’ Tourism Council with a Tourism Award.  Nancy was honored for her time, energy, effort and financial … Read More »

14-Year-Old's Have Certainly Changed!

May 7, 2014 News

To delve into some of the details contained within this letter, I must start out by stating that this letter was written by Frederick “Henry” Quitman, John Quitman’s only son that lived to adulthood.  At the time of the… Read More »

February 1845 Letter

April 30, 2014 News

Below is the transcript of a letter from the Quitman Family Letter Collection.  Next week I’ll blog with particulars on some of the items in this 169 year old letter –who, what, and where type of information.  How vastly… Read More »


April 23, 2014 News

WALLPAPER IN MONMOUTH’S ENTRANCE HALL- The panoramic wallpaper (designed in 1834) in the front entrance hall at Monmouth was created by French artist Jean Zuber, a very famous French artist.  The wallpaper is entitled Vue de l'Am&ea… Read More »

The Monmouth Ducks

April 16, 2014 News

NOTE:  At the bottom of this post are the responses to the questions I posed last week. Currently, we have 8 ducks at Monmouth.  The females are sitting on nests and, like anxious parents, Monmouth’s staff is wat… Read More »

Where were you General Quitman?

April 9, 2014 News

As promised, I have several curiosity/historical questions based on some of the wording in the letter I posted last week.  For your ease of reference, below is a transcript of the letter: Brassos St. Dago Near Houston August … Read More »

"You are my polar star and my heart ever points to you."

April 2, 2014 News

Good morning!  Below is the first letter I’m posting and is from General Quitman to his wife, Eliza.  This is the letter we discuss during tours at Monmouth, and offer copies to our guests.  Monmouth has always been a place of… Read More »

Welcome Post

March 27, 2014 News

Welcome to Monmouth’s new web site – and blog!  I hope you’ll take the time to explore the various areas and photographs we’ve put on our site, as it tells the story of our property, who we are, and all the wonderful e… Read More »