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Henry Quitman Traveling Abroad Part II

May 7, 2015 News

This posting is the second part of the letter Henry Quitman sent to his father in 1853 detailing parts of his travels in Liverpool and his intentions of traveling in Ireland and Scotland.  Sometimes we forget to appreciate various things about w… Read More »

Henry Quitman Travels Abroad - 1853

April 29, 2015 News

Today's posting is taken from our collection of Quitman letters and is written by Henry Quitman to his father, General Quitman, and dated June 8, 1853.  This posting is the first half of the letter, and next week I'll post the other half… Read More »

Snowing Flowers

April 23, 2015 News

It's snowing flowers!  The grounds are absolutely breathtaking right now, and the famous Catalpa Trees are blooming.  When you drive onto the property the blossoms from these trees make it look like it’s snowing flowers as they ge… Read More »

More History on Monmouth

April 16, 2015 News

Here's an excerpt from "Monmouth:  Its Majesty and Legacy."  Also, three years ago this month the Reuthers purchased Monmouth - Happy Anniversary!  Monmouth's legacy continues . . . . Until next time - happy travels! … Read More »


April 9, 2015 News

We have so much to share with the world this week.  New Monmouth ducklings have arrived - 12 baby ducklings to be exact!  In order to keep them safe so they can grow up and join the rest of the Monmouth Ducks the babies are secluded on t… Read More »